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by Dr. Curtis Lehmann

For the third installment on the prayer practices of ACTS – Adoration, Confession, Thanksgiving, and Supplication – we turn to the practice of thanksgiving. Being thankful is similar to practicing adoration, except the focus is on seeing how beauty has affected your own life. Gratitude is the capacity to see all good things as gifts from God.

Some people find thankfulness to be natural and easy. But, for most of us, remembering to be thankful for the positive events in our lives seems like a chore where we are forced to lie about the reality of negative events. In fact, thanksgiving can be achieved in the midst of tumultuous times, even without ignoring the real pain we may be experiencing. Thanksgiving is about recognizing the whole of life and choosing to shift our attention away from our immediate troubles.

Today, look for moments where you can be thankful and where you can see the good that is occurring. Sometimes that might just look like having a chance to catch your breath between a series of difficult challenges. If you find this difficult, pray for the ability to see the gifts that we are given everyday. Your life will be more fulfilling, enjoyable, and rewarding if you develop the capacity for thanksgiving.

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